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hospital indemnity plans

Dependable Hospital Indemnity Plans in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Are you currently recovering from a severe illness or injury? We know that recovery can be a long road, and that hospital stays are an inevitable part of the process for many seniors in Fredericksburg, Virginia. At Sunshine Senior Services, we know firsthand how long-term healthcare stays can affect the mental and physical health of elderly patients. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in medical bills that continue to pile up with each treatment. Thankfully, our staff is here to help protect you from rising medical costs with our affordable hospital indemnity plans. These plans help to cover expensive hospital stays and excess charges while offering the following benefits:

first cancer diagnosis

First-Diagnosis Cancer Plans Fredericksburg, Virginia

No one is ever prepared to face a cancer diagnosis, and the last thing we want you to feel is overwhelmed with both your health and your finances. At Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we specialize in first-diagnosis cancer plans to ease the burden of medical expenses while you undergo the necessary treatments you need to restore your health. Our cancer insurance plans will immediately reduce the cost of prescription drugs and doctor’s visits while providing monthly benefits to eliminate out-of-pocket costs. To hear more about the benefits of our first-diagnosis cancer plans, call our office or continue reading below!

Current Available Riders in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Make sure to check with your state’s specific documents for rider availability and benefits. Not all riders or benefits are the same or available in all states.

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