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Robert Anderson sunshine senior services clearwater fl and st. louis metro area

Robert Anderson


Robert Anderson has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1985, taking pride in helping the people plan for the challenges they face in the later stages of life. He resides in nearby Sarasota, FL with his wife, Annie and is always available on his personal cell phone. As a father of 3 and a grandfather of 5, Robert understands how the right policies can provide a family with the peace of mind that they deserve. Knowing that servicing his clients gives them the peace of mind, he also travels to IL and Mo on a routine bases to service customers that he has accumulated over the years. Servicing his customers is the #1 business priority no matter where his clients reside.

Cell Phone: (314) 941-3306

Jeremy Frost sunshine senior services clearwater fl and st. louis metro area

Jeremy Frost


Since 2010, Jeremy Frost has been providing insurance help to Medicare recipients. In fact, he’s dedicated to helping people feel better about their coverage should their health take a downturn. He takes pride in helping people protect their hard-earned assets by providing the proper coverages that fit their health concerns and financial resources. Additionally, he’s a husband and father of 3, and he understands the importance of taking care of yourself throughout any stage of life. Contact Jeremy to find out more about senior health insurance and how working with us can benefit you!

Cell Phone: (314) 922-7745

Jarrod Frost sunshine senior services clearwater fl and st. louis metro area

Jarrod Frost


Jarrod Frost has been licensed and working with Seniors and helping insure their needs for more than 10 years. He enjoys teaching the new agents that Sunshine Senior Services brings on board. Along with his wife Tara, Jarrod has 2 young sons Preston, and Noland they live in Sarasota, Florida. Jarrod enjoys spending time with his family and spending time on the water whenever possible.

Cell Phone: (314) 313-3152

Brady Anderson sunshine senior services clearwater fl and st. louis metro area

Brady Anderson


Brady has made the move from Illinois to Florida to help get Sunshine Senior Services up and running. He is entering his 3rd year as an employee and his 2nd year as a licensed agent and has done remarkably well. Though he didn’t enjoy his first year with the company, because he was made to learn the business from the ground up. His 1st year was spent in the mail room and setting appoints for the currently licensed agents. Brady said, it wasn’t fun but getting into the family business he understood the imports of learning the business from the ground up. Brady also was a college baseball player and was on scholarship as a pitcher. After arm issues, he knew his calling was entering the family business.

Cell Phone: (217) 710-0284
Office Phone: (618) 855-9751