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Senior Health Insurance

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Senior Health Insurance Services in the St. Louis Metro Area

The process of aging can be unexpected and even a little scary. Luckily, there’s Sunshine Senior Services with the policies you need to stay healthy and happy through your final stage of life. In fact, we know that being a senior means more than retirement and enjoying your life. Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, and we have the solutions needed to help pay for hospital stays, high medical bills, cancer and more. With a portfolio of products catered to the needs of seniors in the St. Louis area, contact us to see how we can help you!

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase that you’ll ever make, and it’s a constant job of improvement and maintenance. So, how do you protect this huge investment from the dangers of weather, thieves and more? You call the professionals at Sunshine Senior Services, of course! Additionally, there aren’t one-size-fits-all homeowners’ policies. When you talk to us, we’ll get to work finding a homeowners’ insurance policy that fits your needs, with coverage for all facets of your home life. Available coverage may include:

Available Senior Health Products:

senior dental insurance st louis metro area

Dental Insurance

Dental care is one area that is routinely excluded from traditional Medicare coverage. However, it’s vital as you age to continue to receive quality dental care. Whether you’re dealing with gingivitis or oral cancer, our policies give you the access you need to keep your dental health intact. Furthermore, our available products feature 100% coverage on x-rays, exams, cleaning and more. In fact, we offer comprehensive dental insurance plans that cover a range of treatments and procedures including:

vision insurance st. louis metro area

Vision Insurance

In addition to dental coverage, vision insurance is always excluded from Medicare Part A & B coverage, which is why we offer vision insurance that helps pay for glasses, contacts, eye surgery and much more. As we age, it’s normal to begin losing our vision. However, your eyes can age gracefully with vision insurance that offsets the costs you pay out of pocket. Available vision insurance can cover:

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At Sunshine Senior Services we have the top rated companies that can get you the most coverage at the best possible premiums.
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