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Short-Term Medical & Home Health Care Fredericksburg, VA

Are you currently suffering from an injury or illness that requires you to have a short-term stay in your local hospital or assisted living facility? We know how hard it can be to recover away from the comfort of your home and loved ones, but what if you didn’t have to? Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia offers affordable short-term health care plans that not only allow you to recover comfortably at home but that have been proven to reduce your recovery. Don’t waste time and money searching for expensive nursing home options or settling for prolonged hospital stays, recover the right way with in-home healthcare coverage that you need to say goodbye to your injury and hello to retired living. Our healthcare plans offer the following benefits to our seniors:

Why recover in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar environment when you can decrease your recovery time due to quality in-home health care insurance from Sunshine Senior Services.

ambulance riders

Additional Riders Available in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Are you worried about suffering a fall in your home but have no way of paying for an ambulance ride to the hospital? Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not cover expenses accrued from an ambulance service, however, Sunshine Senior Services is here to provide total coverage options for seniors looking for fast and affordable ambulance services in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay up to $250 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical facility up to four times a year, and subject to a lifetime maximum of $2500. No hospital confinement is required.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay a $200 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical facility. Confinement is required. Check your state to see if there is a prescription drug reimbursement available.

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