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Health Insurance Policies

The process of managing one’s health can be unexpected and daunting, regardless of age. That’s why having reliable health insurance coverage is crucial for maintaining your well-being and peace of mind. At Sunshine Senior Services, we offer a range of health insurance policies that can help you stay healthy and happy throughout your life. We understand that unexpected medical expenses can arise at any time, and we’re here to help. Whether it’s hospital stays, high medical bills, cancer treatments, or other healthcare needs, we have the solutions to help you manage the costs. Our portfolio of products caters to individuals of all ages, not just seniors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you secure the right health insurance coverage.

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group of employees who qualify for group health insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans are healthcare coverage options that are acquired for a group of people, commonly by employers, business proprietors, or association leaders. In contrast to individual health insurance policies that are obtainable to anyone through insurance providers, group medical insurance plans only permit designated members or employees of the corresponding group to secure healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. For this reason, this kind of coverage is also known as employer group health insurance or small business health insurance. By procuring such a plan, you can share the enrollment and premium expenses with your employees or group members. Each member of your group also has the freedom to accept or refuse the enrollment proposal. Members who choose to enroll in group healthcare coverage can enjoy advantages such as economical premiums, reasonably priced deductibles, and comprehensive health coverage. We represent most major carriers with a wide variety of plans to fit your companies needs. Everything from a low deductible to the higher deductible Health Savings Accounts (HAS) and the Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA). We can handle self insured plans utilizing third party administrators to handle your benefits and to pay claims.

Short-Term Home Health Care

After an injury or illness, you may be required to complete a lengthy hospital or assisted living stay as part of your recovery. But, wouldn’t it help if you could recover in the comfort of your own home? With short-term home health care plans, you can!

Over time, medical treatments have improved dramatically and, as a result, recovery times have decreased. However, many injuries and illnesses require recovery and recuperation. However, it’s never comfortable to try and recover from a traumatic injury in the hospital. With available short-term care policies, you can receive the coverage needed to offset costs of nursing services, home care, and more. Check out the benefits of these plans such as:

Don’t try and recover in an environment that’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Improve your chances of successful recovery with short-term, home health care insurance that helps bring skilled nurses, rehab services and more right to your door!

Additional Riders Available

Have you recently experienced a fall at home and needed an ambulance ride to the hospital? Ambulance expenses are often not covered by insurance plans, but Sunshine Senior Services can provide additional coverage options for seniors in need of ambulance services, regardless of your location.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay up to $250 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical facility, up to four times a year and subject to a lifetime maximum of $2500. No hospital confinement is required.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay a $200 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical-confinement is required. And in some states, there is a prescription drug reimbursement.

Dental Insurance

Dental care is one area that is routinely excluded from traditional Medicare coverage. However, it’s vital as you age to continue to receive quality dental care. Whether you’re dealing with gingivitis or oral cancer, our policies give you the access you need to keep your dental health intact. Furthermore, our available products feature 100% coverage on x-rays, exams, cleaning and more. In fact, we offer comprehensive dental insurance plans that cover a range of treatments and procedures including:

dental insurance policies
vision insurance policies

Vision Insurance

In addition to dental coverage, vision insurance is always excluded from Medicare Part A & B coverage, which is why we offer vision insurance that helps pay for glasses, contacts, eye surgery and much more. As we age, it’s normal to begin losing our vision. However, your eyes can age gracefully with vision insurance that offsets the costs you pay out of pocket. Available vision insurance can cover:

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