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Medicare Health Programs for Seniors in Kansas City, Kansas

For many seniors, turning 65 means starting a new chapter of life with family, friends, and your significant other. However, it is also when you can begin receiving healthcare via Medicare. Medicare is one of the most beneficial care plans that not only give you more frequent opportunities to maintain your health, but it helps to cover expensive medical costs that may arise in the event of an injury or illness. At Sunshine Senior Services in Kansas City, Kansas, we help seniors become educated on their Medicare benefits while proving 24/7 assistance when they need us. What are you waiting for? Review our Medicare Part A & Part B plans today!

Medicare Part A Kansas City, Kansas

Our Medicare Part A plan is included in traditional Medicare coverage for seniors in Kansas City, Kansas over the age of 65. This plan ensures that in the event of an illness or injury that results in hospital stays or medical prescriptions are covered. Medicare Part A is ideal for seniors that require frequent lab tests or intensive care.  Additional Medical Part A coverage includes:

Medicare Part B Kansas City, Kansas

Medicare Part B is designed for seniors 65 and older that are less likely to frequent hospitals or require overnight hospital stays, however, like Medicare Part A, Part B is also included in traditional Medicare plans. Your Medicare Part B plan offers financial coverage on medical exams, doctor visits, and minor prescriptions, excluding dental and vision insurance that can be added separately. At Sunshine Senior Services in Kansas City, Kansas, our Medicare Part B coverage includes the following options:

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Medicare Supplements Kansas City, Kansas

medigap medicare supplements Medicare supplements, otherwise known as MEDIGAP, are private health insurance plans that are created to supplement original Medicare coverage. Private insurance companies, like Sunshine Senior Services in Kansas City, Kansas, create these plans to help cover medical expenses like coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles that would be present in traditional Medicare. Here are a few things you should know about our Medicare supplement plans:
medicare supplement plans

Medicare Advantage Kansas City, Kansas

Medicare Advantage plans, oftentimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans”, are basic Medicare health insurance offered to seniors by private and approved insurance companies. At Sunshine Senior Services in Kansas City, Kansas, our MA plans include all your essential Medicare Part A and Part B coverage options, however, we have a variety of MA plans for you to choose from.

Medicare Prescription Drugs (Part D) Kansas City, Kansas

Our Medicare prescription Part D plan covers commonly prescribed drugs by your doctor (determined by federal standards) and various lab tests, physical therapy, or nursing care that may be needed. Additional services that are included under Sunshine Senior Services’ Medicare Part D plan include:

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