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Medicare Health Programs for Seniors in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Are you turning 65 or older this year? Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is here to get you started on receiving your Medicare health benefits! Our Medicare health programs help seniors think more about maintaining their health while offering adorable health coverage benefits for doctor’s visits, hospital stays, or prescriptions. If you are currently suffering an injury or illness, our private insurance company offers a variety of Medicare benefits to ease the financial burden of your healthcare expenses. Call our staff today to review our Medicare Part A & Part B plans today!

Medicare Part A Fredericksburg, Virginia

At Sunshine Senior Services, we provide Medicare Part A plans for seniors in Fredericksburg, Virginia over the age of 65. Our Medicare Part A plans are designed to provide financial assistance for injuries and illnesses that result in a hospital stay with or without medical prescriptions. If you are a senior that requires frequent lab testing or rehabilitation services, our Medicare Part A plan is ideal for you. Additional Medical Part A coverage includes:

Medicare Part B Fredericksburg, Virginia

Medicare Part B differs from Part A in that it is designed to cover expenses accruing from regular doctor’s visits and medical exams as well as minor prescriptions instead of frequent hospital visits and overnight stays. If you are interested in finding a Medicare B plan that works for you and your spouse, call our office in Fredericksburg, Virginia today to speak with one of our educated staff members. At Sunshine Senior Services our Medicare Part B coverage includes the following options:

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Medicare Supplements Fredericksburg, Virginia

medigap medicare supplements

Why settle for expensive Medicare plans that barely cover the necessities when you can invest in Medicare supplements, or MEDIGAP, from Sunshine Senior Services. We are a private health insurance company that designs supplemental Medicare plans for 65 and older seniors looking for financial assistance towards coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.

Here are a few things you should know about our Medicare supplement plans:

medicare supplement plans

Medicare Advantage Fredericksburg, Virginia

Medicare Advantage plans, or “MA Plans”, are private health insurance plans given to seniors to help cover medical costs caused by doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, and more. Only private health insurance companies like Sunshine Senior Services can offer these plans which include the essential coverage benefits included in Medicare Part A and Part B policies.

The different types of Medicare Advantage plans include:

Medicare Prescription Drugs (Part D) Fredericksburg, Virginia

We know that prescription drugs can be expensive, leaving you concerned about your financial wellbeing. At Sunshine Senior Services, we offer Medicare Prescription Drugs or “Part D” plans to cover the cost of everything from lab tests and physical therapy to nursing care and of course, medication. Additional services that are included under our Medicare Part D plan include:

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