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Reliable Senior Health Insurance Services in Fredericksburg, VA

Getting older is something that creeps up on all of us, and while it may seem unsettling, Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia is here to help keep you happy and healthy along the way. Our company provides a variety of health insurance options to seniors enjoy their retirement for years to come. When life takes an unexpected turn and you find yourself in thousands of dollars of medical bills, doctor’s visits, and treatment plans, the only solution is to find an insurance package with a quality provider to ease the burden. At Sunshine Senior Services, we offer a variety of health insurance products that are catered to you and your spouse’s needs. Call our professional health insurance advisors today to see which one of our coverage plans works best for you.

Available Senior Health Products Fredericksburg, Virginia

When you choose to invest in any of our senior health insurance policies, you receive a detailed look into how to find the best and most affordable health insurance that exceeds your needs. Whether you’re looking for a general insurance plan to cover your doctor’s visits or a personalized policy for emergencies, we have everything you need to give you quality, stress-free care. Our multiple coverage options include:

dental insurance

Dental Insurance Fredericksburg, Virginia

Having quality dental hygiene is necessary for avoiding oral issues like decaying or chipped teeth, gingivitis, and even cancer. Instead of suffering from oral discomfort, call your local insurance experts at Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia to learn more about quality and affordable dental insurance. Our vast coverage options include everything from visits and cosmetic care to 100% coverage on preventative visits including x-rays, routine exams, teeth cleanings, and more. Our dental insurance plans cover the following treatments and procedures:

vision insurance

Vision Insurance Fredericksburg, Virginia

While getting older provides a variety of benefits, oftentimes it comes with various health issues including poor or weakening eyesight. If you are looking for affordable vision insurance, call our staff at Sunshine Senior Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia for personalized insurance plans that help cover or eliminate medical bills and expenses for new glasses or contacts. A majority of seniors have either a Medicare Part A or Part B plan, which oftentimes excludes vision coverage entirely. Don’t settle for weakening eyesight, speak to one of our experienced staff members to find the vision coverage that works for you. Our plans cover a variety of vision expenses including:

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