Short-Term Home Health Care

short-term home health care clearwater fl and st. louis metro area

Short-Term Major Medical & Home Health Care

After an injury or illness, you may be required to complete a lengthy hospital or assisted living stay as part of your recovery. But, wouldn’t it help if you could recover in the comfort of your own home? With short-term home health care plans, you can!

Over time, medical treatments have improved dramatically and, as a result, recovery times have decreased. However, many injuries and illnesses require recovery and recuperation. However, it’s never comfortable to try and recover from a traumatic injury in the hospital. With available short-term care policies, you can receive the coverage needed to offset costs of nursing services, home care, and more. Check out the benefits of these plans such as:

  • Recovering in your own home.
  • Receive benefits directly.
  • Benefits help insurance cover deductibles and co-pays.
  • No prior hospital stay is required to collect benefits.
  • Coverage for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Benefits can be combined with hospital insurance and other coverage to increase effectiveness.

Don’t try and recover in an environment that’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Improve your chances of successful recovery with short-term, home health care insurance that helps bring skilled nurses, rehab services and more right to your door!

short-term major medical care clearwater fl and st louis metro area

Additional Riders Available:

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay up to $250 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical facility, up to four times a year and subject to a lifetime maximum of $2500. No hospital confinement is required.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

This rider will pay a $200 benefit for ground ambulance service to or from a medical-confinement is required.

And in some states, there is a prescription drug reimbursement.